YCF Annual Conference 2022 has ended
On Thursday 1st September, at the Surgeons Quarter in Edinburgh
This year, we focus on the business essentials which are crucial to a young company’s ability to survive and grow. Over the lifespan of a business, founders have a number of critical decisions to make. Some of these, made early in the development of the company, have effects long into the future. Founders starting out need to know the basics (and many founders start with little business experience), but getting the basics right is essential for future-proofing the company’s continuing progress.
Our speakers will be highlighting the issues which they consider basics in a number of different contexts – staffing, marketing, operations, and finance – and explaining how getting these right can accelerate a company’s development, and making the wrong call can create a legacy which takes a long time from which to recover.

Ed Craig

Carbogenics Ltd

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Coming to the end of a Seed A fundraise of c£2m. About to enter when finalised the build and development of our operations facility in Scotland and start to move to UK sales of our biochar based product.  Also working closing with a major utility on our second product and examining franchising agreements in Europe and partnerships for 2023 and beyond